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sladki za kryshtene

Hand decorated cookies for baby shower

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Wedding cookies

The wedding day is the most important day in the life of every woman, that’s why it deserves the most beautiful cookies.

According to some Bulgarian traditions the newlyweds treat their guests with sweets right after the wedding. Ordering of ready-made plateaus is the fastest solution for this part of your wedding day. The planning of a wedding is too engaging anyway so it would be better to trust this part of the organization to a company with enough experience in arranging plateaus with pastry.

For your wedding we can arrange plateaus with variety of home-made cookies and we can also add to your plateau our special hand decorated wedding cookies.

The hand decorated cookies are custom made. Their design and colors are strictly consistent with the main theme of the wedding and the personal preferences of the bride.

The making of wedding cookies is one of our greatest pleasures with all the love and emotions standing behind every order. There is no greater challenge and joy than making a bride’s dreams come true. That’s why we treat each and every wedding cookie with the care, efforts and patience we would put in the cookies for the wedding day of our best friend.

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