sladki torta

Hand decorated cookies for your wedding

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Order delicious plates with pastry for your party

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sladki za kryshtene

Hand decorated cookies for baby shower

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Syruped pastries

Extremely sweet treats with syrup are gathered from the Orient to bring you their diverse exotic tastes.

Enjoy sweet baklava with butter and different nuts - walnut, pistachios or cashew.

Choose from many different shapes and sizes the one that best fits your needs. Serve a classic homemade baklava as a dessert or pick the small morsels baklava, perfect for eating on the move or at an official cocktail party, even at your workstation.

Many other sweet desserts with syrup from around the world await you.

Try the sweet and juicy tulumbas or a piece of our irresistible syruped chocolate cake with walnuts, raisins and caramel. What about dried figs with syrup and a core made of a whole walnut - sweet and extremely healthy?

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