French Macaroons

The French macaroons are sweet small and fine treats, made with finely ground almonds, real egg white and icing sugar. Under their fine crust there is a soft core, filled with fine crème and strong almond fragrance.

The recipe, the name and the taste of these sweets are legendary.

In France the French macaroon becomes popular during 1533, when the recipe is brought from Italy. Since then these sweets have become a symbol of aesthetics, vision and taste of the highest quality.

These small sweet delights bear a mystical name. None of the theories for the origin of the name 'French macaroons' has been proved to be true. It is supposed that the name derives from the Italian dialect word 'maccare' which means 'to grind' or the Venetian word 'macarone' which means 'fine dough'. Both of these words can describe the characteristics of these sweets.

Today, the French macaroon has its own meaning and is known all over the world.

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