Big plateau with cookies

A big plateau with wedding pastry will make everyone happy.

We will carefully select the best combination of cookies and crackers with the most diverse flavors, colors and fragrances. Traditional and exotic, sweet and salty, soft and crispy treats will amaze your loved ones.

You can order these sweets at any time. They are perfect for a wedding, prom or another special occasion. We guarantee that they will always be selected with special attention regardless of the event. All plates are arranged personally and carefully so you can have a unique and beautiful celebration.

We will deliver them to you at a time of your choice for free. All that's left for you is to enjoy your wedding or special occasion.

Order now:

  • small plateaus: 1.5kg for 29lv;
  • big plateaus: 2.5kg for 49lv;          

Delivery is included in the price.

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