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Hand decorated cookies for your wedding

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Hand decorated cookies for baby shower

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Order delicious plates with pastry for your party

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Chrismas cookies and many surprises

christmas decorated cookies christmas decorated cookies

Christmas is coming and we have already prepared everything you would need for delightful holidays.

Christmas cookies, baklava, stollen and all your favorite pastries are ready for taking away from our stores in our brand new Christmas boxes.
Beautiful Christmas box with festive sweets is a perfect way to surprise your business partners or loved ones.

For our little customers we have made all hand decorated cookies with special Christmas motives. Look at how deliciously they smell!
You can hide them in the Christmas stocking which is waiting to be filled with sweets by Santa or you can make them part of your Christmas decoration. These Christmas cookies are available in all of our stores and you don't have to make any special order.

We have also taken care of the menu for those of you who fast. Cake with dried fruits and salty crackers with no animal products are only small part of the sweets that you can treat yourself with during the Christmas fasting.

Moreover we haven't forgotten about our Christmas tradition - this month, as every December, you can buy a box traditional baklava with walnuts on a new festive price.

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