The world of Sweet House "Abi"


Home made sweets and   cookies  

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syrce dantela - front page

Hand decorated wedding   cookies  

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sladki bebe

Cookies for baby shower  

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sladki taralej - front page

Hand drawn decorated   cookies  

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Delicious plateaus with   cookies and crackers  

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gevreche sys sirene

Crackers and pretzels  

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Welcome to Sweet house 'Abi'!

Here you will find different sweets, crackers, muffins and baklava, all prepared by home-made recipes, collected from all around Europe and the Orient. Each recipe has been followed strictly and all products used are completely natural just like the ones you would use in your own kitchen. Just try some of our delicious sweets and you will see!

Enjoy your favorite flavors from your childhood as well as many others that you will love from the first bite.

Bring joy to your loved ones with their favorite sweets or to yourself with something delicious in your lunch break. Trust us and we will make your special moments perfect. Deliveries for weddings, birthdays or baby-showers are only part of what we can offer you for your holidays.

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